Study Japanese,
Live Like A Local


International Center of Language & Culture (ICLC) is a Japanese language school with campuses in Okinawa, Japan’s tropical paradise, and Tokyo, Japan’s capital and business hub. Since its opening in 1983, ICLC has been offering immersive and real Japan experience to thousands of students across the globe. We provide students with quality language education through a variety of long-term and short-term courses with the aim to let them explore, understand, feel and fall in love with Japan over and over again.


We are dedicated to providing our global students with an at-home lifestyle and study experience at our two very different campuses in Okinawa and Tokyo, and helping them achieve their dreams of becoming truly Japan-savvy individuals who will lead and change the world.


ICLC has two locations in Japan: one in Okinawa, Japan’s tropical capital, and another in the urban metropolis of Tokyo.


  • Relaxed study environment
  • Great weather
  • Visa sponsorship available
  • Accommodation Available



  • Big city experience
  • Convenient location
  • Visa sponsorship available


At ICLC we are aware and proud that everyone is different and everyone has their own inspirations, dreams, and ambitions. Our staff and teachers are here to support these dreams by helping our students relax, experience Japan, and feel at home while they are learning about the Japanese language and culture every day. ICLC provides the study atmosphere that allows each student to focus on themselves and their life goals.


We opened our first campus in the capital of Okinawa, Naha, in 1983. At the time there were many Japanese-descent immigrants who were beginning to return to Okinawa after living and working abroad in various countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Philippines, and the United States. To reintegrate into the Japanese society they not only needed to learn the Japanese language, but it was also vital for them to understand the local culture. ICLC opened as a school to meet the needs of those people. Although the reasons why our students want to study Japanese has changed over time, our passion to pass on our knowledge and traditions to people coming to Japan remains the same. In April 2018, ICLC opened its first campus in Tokyo.