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ICLC will support your application from the initial stages until your arrival in Japan making sure that the process is as smooth and clear as possible.

How do I apply?

1. You fill out this initial inquiry form.

ICLC will then contact you with details regarding your visa application form and specific documents you will need to prepare.

2. You fill in all the paperwork we have sent you and send back to us within the provided deadline along with all of the required documents (see below).

ICLC will then contact you with details regarding your visa application form and specific documents you will need to prepare.

ICLC will then submit your visa application to the Immigration Bureau in Japan on your behalf.

It takes 2 to 3 months for Immigration to approve a visa application and issue the Certificate of Eligibility (COE), a pre-visa document you need to apply for your actual visa in your country (see details below).

Once the Immigration Bureau approves your visa application, ICLC will send you the COE to your home address.

3. Once you receive the COE, apply for student visa at the embassy of your home country. You will need your original COE, your valid passport, visa application form, photos and any other documents you have been instructed by the embassy to submit.

The Japanese embassy will issue your student visa. It usually takes anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

4. Start packing and preparing for your study life in Japan!

Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document which serves as a preliminary visa screening for coming to Japan. It is issued by a regional immigration authority in Japan to show that the person applying meets the conditions for landing in Japan. Every applicant needs to obtain this document prior to applying for the actual visa at his/her home country. The Japanese language school the student has been accepted to usually serves as a proxy for the application of the COE in Japan.

*Application Fees

¥20,000 unrefundable

Not as difficult as you thought?


Student Application Form

Will be sent to you by our student coordinator after you fill in the initial inquiry form.

Eight identical color ID Photos (4cm high × 3cm wide)

Photos must be official passport photos printed on photo paper and taken within the past 3 months, must show a clear and full front view of the student’s face, eyes and ears and must be taken against a plain background. Don’t wear sunglasses or hats, or have anyone else in the photo.

Passport photocopy

Copy of the Photo/ID and Signature page of your passport. If you have been to Japan in the past, please also provide a copy of the pages with your previous entry and exit stamps.

Academic documents

Official proof that you have graduated from the latest academic institution you have attended, such as a copy of your diploma and official transcript.

Proof of financial viability

The Japanese Immigration Bureau requires all visa applicants to prove their ability to support themselves, including paying for tuition, living costs, school fees and other expenses while in Japan. Examples of such documents can be a Bank Statement (of your savings), Income Statement, Financial Aid award letter, Scholarship award letters or Letter of sponsorship. If you are providing for yourself, make sure that all documents issued by the bank are under your name (as it appears in your passport). If someone else is sponsoring you, a letter written and signed by them should be enclosed and all other financial documents should show their name.

While the amount varies depending on your school’s tuition fees, period of stay in Japan and your living circumstances after arriving in Japan, it is in general recommended to show financial access to an average of ¥2,000,000.

Note: All documents must be submitted in either Japanese or English. ICLC may require other additional documents depending on each student’s application.