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Japan Experience



ICLC is here to support students’ choices by making sure that they end our courses with a solid understanding of the Japanese language and culture.


What to expect

Full integration into the Japanese life and culture through various school activities and events. With a diverse student body comprised of students from all over the world you will be studying at a very international environment.

How ICLC can help

Our aim is to assure that students enjoy their life in Japan to the fullest. In order to achieve this we provide our students with day-to-day academic and life support to make sure that their stay in Japan is smooth and successful.


Practice your Japanese at work

If you want to experience Japan’s labor market while you’re studying at ICLC, we’re here to help. We will assist you in finding a safe and suitable part-time job that matches your Japanese language proficiency and we will provide guidance in resume writing and interview training.


Find a job after graduating

ICLC has partnered with a career development company that specializes in introducing part-time jobs and post-language school careers to foreign students. If you wish to remain in Japan and seek employment here following your graduation from ICLC, inform us as early as possible. We will introduce you to a career counselor who will support you in your future job search and assist you throughout your future visa applications.

  • Connecting utilities
  • Paying bills
  • Getting around
  • Visiting the doctor
  • And more…



We are well familiar that studying in a country away from home can be difficult, especially in the beginning. To make sure that our students’ transition to their lives in Japan is as smooth as possible, we are here to help with any day-to-day, school and personal issues that may come your way.

Dormitory &


ICLC offers fully-furnished dormitory rooms to our students in Okinawa and provides one-on-one support in finding comfortable, convenient and safe accommodations in close proximity to campus to our students in Tokyo. We are here to help you find what you are looking for depending on your needs.

Sounds good?